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Whether caused by an injury or chronic dental disease, dental emergencies involving your teeth and/or the tissues surrounding them are never fun. Similar to any medical emergency, it’s imperative to be aware of the situation and what you can do to ensure the best possible outcome. When you need emergency dentistry in the Brookfield area, you can count on Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield for your rescue. Whether you’re experiencing tooth pain, a gum or orthodontic emergency or you’ve just sustained a traumatic dental injury, give our emergency dentist a call immediately to schedule an appointment!

How to Handle Severe Tooth Pains

The most common cause of tooth pain is tooth decay, which is a bacterial infection that’s able to spread through many parts of your tooth and gum tissue. Depending on how severe your tooth pain is, root canal therapy may be needed to restore an infected tooth to avoid extraction. Sometimes tooth pain may be indicative of a loose filling or a sensitive tooth requiring a new filling. It’s best to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to determine the reason for your tooth pain.

Dealing with Gum / Orthodontic Emergencies

There are a variety of ways you can damage your gums, tongue or soft cheek tissues – you could fall, accidentally bite down too hard, sustain a sports injury or scald yourself with a hot liquid. You could also get something caught below your gum line, which could develop into an abscess (pus-filled sac of infection) if you’re not careful. Injuries to your soft tissues must be rinsed with dilute salt water and cleared of visible debris right away. If you’re bleeding, press down with a clean, damp material for at least 10-15 minutes and then seek emergency room care if it’s still bleeding. If it’s something trapped below your gum line, see if you can gently remove it using dental floss or a toothpick.

An orthodontic emergency may include trauma to your teeth, face or mouth or painful infection and swelling. Sometimes orthodontic hardware may be broken or loosened until it causes irritation. If any of these occur, consult your dental office immediately for advice or pay a visit to an emergency room if you’re unable to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

How to Handle Traumatic Dental Injuries

If you or your child has knocked out a permanent tooth due to a traumatic injury, quick thinking and immediate action are required to save the tooth. It’s recommended that you pick up the tooth by its root, gently clean it off with water and try to put it back into its socket. Hold it gently in place until you arrive to your dental office or an emergency room. If it won’t fit comfortably back into its socket, you may either tuck it between your cheek and gum or carry it in a container of cold milk (never water!).

If your tooth’s been loosened, it’s recommended that you seek treatment within six hours. However, if you’re bleeding uncontrollably, seek your nearest emergency room immediately. If you’ve managed to chip your tooth, try to locate the fragments of tooth, and if possible, try to reattach them. Schedule an appointment at your dentist as soon as possible and remember to bring the fragments with you.

Call Our Emergency Dentist in Brookfield Today

If you or a family member have experienced any of the aforementioned dental emergencies, Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield provides emergency dentistry in the Brookfield area. Time is usually of the essence when it comes to dental emergencies. While we don’t accept walk-ins, we do our best to accommodate patients requiring emergency care. If you’re experiencing severe pain and discomfort, please call us immediately to schedule an appointment for emergency care!

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