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Work Performed at Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield

Some of the most gratifying dental procedures done at our office are those where an unsightly dental issue or one causing the patient physical discomfort, is resolved. Through considerable skill in cosmetic dentististry, many patients who formerly would not smile due to crooked or missing teeth have realized exceptional results that are truly life-changing.

More and more patients are seeking cosmetic dentistry treatments. This branch of Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield practice includes dental bonding, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, bridges and implants.

Dental Bonding

For many patients with chipped or cracked teeth or those with gaps or misshaped teeth, Bonding often offers a quick and inexpensive solution. Bonding is a procedure where a dental-resin tinted to match surrounding teeth, is applied and hardened with special lighting, to create a permanent bond. This procedure can usually be performed during one office visit. It is economical, and patients can see and appreciate the results right away!


A crown is a cap that is placed over a weak or damaged tooth to improve support it and to improve its strength and appearance. This procedure requires several office visits during which the tooth is filed and prepared for the crown which is made of porcelain and metal and cemented over the tooth, fully encasing it. Crowns usually last from 5 to 15 years.


For patients who have suffered tooth loss through decay, gum disease or injury, dental implants offer a permanent solution. Titanium replacement tooth roots are placed to provide a strong foundation for a crown. Patient C in the Before and After Dental procedure photos shown below, illustrates Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield’s skills at restoring this patient’s front tooth. The result is imperceptible as to which tooth has been replaced.


Veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells that are customized to cover the front surface of a patient’s tooth or teeth. The results are dramatic as they can be made to change the color, shape and size of teeth. Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield’s patients often report their satisfaction with the results of this popular process.

See the Results for Yourself

We invite you to review our Before and After Dental Procedure Photos. We are confident you will appreciate the results of Elite Family Dental Of Brookfield cosmetic dentistry. If you have been postponing a cosmetic dental procedure, you have nothing to fear and an improved appearance and renewed confidence to gain. Call our office today to arrange your consultation: 262-782-1655.

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